We specialize in strategic project management and implementation for nonprofit and philanthropic organizations.  We understand that each organization has a unique set of priorities, needs, and challenges, and we love working with our clients to hone and focus their ideas and ultimately move those ideas to action. 

We offer a wide range of services to support clients in achieving their project goals.  Depending on client needs, these might include strategic plan development and implementation, project management, program development, support for partnerships and collaborations, fundraising and business development strategies, meeting design and facilitation, capacity building strategies, and support managing your committees, task forces, and advisory boards. 

Our services are typically delivered through two types of projects: Planning/Development and Project Management and Implementation. However, we work closely with each client to develop a customized scope of services that fits their individual project needs.


Strategic Initiative Planning and Development

You have a great idea but need help bringing it to fruition.  We work with clients to refine and clarify their project goals, and more importantly, to develop clear and actionable strategies to realize their vision.  You don’t need another plan that sits on a shelf.  We will work alongside your team to create a roadmap for implementing your initiative that is sensitive to your unique capacity, staffing, and resource needs. 


Project Management and Implementation Support

You have your project vision and a clear plan of action, but still need additional capacity to achieve your goals.  Our project management and implementation services give clients the additional support they need to see their projects come to life.  We will work closely with your team to develop detailed work plans, plan and facilitate project meetings, design programs and events, engage your stakeholders, and other services necessary to implement your initiative.